Different knee conditions?

Doctors use arthroscopy to help diagnose and treat a variety of knee joint conditions, most common are listed

ACL tear/rupture

ACL reconstruction is now a commonly performed arthroscopic procedure.

Meniscal tear/deficiency

The meniscus is an important structure and can be repaired arthroscopically. If irreparable, the tear can be removed and the remnant stabilized.

PCL rupture/rupture

PCL reconstruction can also be performed arthroscopically.

Articular cartilage damage (early arthritis)

If caught early, articular cartilage damage can be repaired and stabilised. Otherwise, unstable flaps can be removed and the underlying bone prepared to encourage new cartilage to form, a process known as ‘micro-fracture’.


Inflamed tissue around the knee can be removed (i.e., synovectomy).

Loose body

Bone, cartilage or any other loose tissue can be removed to prevent ongoing damage to the knee.


Its description, causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment (operative and non-operative)

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