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Since my childhood, I have been hearing that doctors are the human forms of God on earth. No doubt, found Him in Dr.Chirag.

I met with an accident that led to grade-3 ACL tear and causing instability in my left knee. I went around few orthopaedic doctors, but could not make the connect and boost my inside confidence to hand over my knee to them. Through word-of-mouth, I came to know about Dr.Chirag and consulted him. I did let him know that how much eagerly I want to go back to my playing cricket time, swimming and jogging. With a pat on my back, he consoled me saying, “In 3 months, you will run”. That is the confidence I was seeking. He boosted my morale. In addition, he educated me enough to where I felt I was making an informed decision versus just being told what to do. I then knew I was in good hands when I decided for an ACL surgery on my left knee by Dr.Chirag. I underwent the surgery. By the end of 3rd day post surgery, I started walking without walker or crutches. Gradually, under his supervision and the physiotherapist’s guidance, I started jogging well before 3 months.

He is an excellent doctor with immense hands-on knowledge. His regular post-surgery reviews helped me to the extent that I got myself fitter than ever before. His dedication towards his patients is second to none. I am ever grateful to Dr.Chirag and I believe he is one of the best doctors in his field.

I am Dr. Somashree Nandy, patients bystander.I am very thankful to Dr. Chirag and his team for looking after my mother so well, delivering the treatment and advice at the right time. Post the surgery Doctor has also helped her in adjusting with the normal life giving her suitable physiotherapy. We are still visiting him for follow up. Thank you so much for your wonderful services. God bless you and your team.

I want to share the happiness and gratification I continue to experience as a patient of Dr. Chirag Thonse for almost 5 years. I am a National Coach for India’s Karate Team and a Fitness Trainer too. I have recommended Dr. Chirag to some of my high profile clients and they have highly appreciated his service as he is always to the point and instills confidence in the patient. He is knowledgeable, professional, compassionate and an excellent surgeon. It’s been 3 years now since my ACL tear surgery was done by him and I was back in full swing and training in just a few months. I feel better and stronger than ever. He is an exceptional orthopedic surgeon with a vast experience.

I really owe my fitness and my mental strength to the doctor whose name is Chirag. I met him in March 2016 and I was struggling with a grade +4 Knee injury. My ACL was gone and Meniscus too. I was not able to even for few meters. April 2016 I underwent a surgery. I was living alone in Bengaluru. He guided me not just for the surgery but he gave me the kind of mental strength. Today it's been around 4 years and that phase is gone. I am fit and fine again and started running. Lost around 9 kgs of weight which I gainned due to my injury. He was just a call away and even today when I am sitting in Delhi, he is always there to guide me. I always suggest his name to my friend who needs some medical consultations. I can say that he is one of the best doctors I have come across along with being a good human.

I am not quite sure as to what I am expected to recount, but if it is about my experience about the knee replacement surgery, let me say this in a simple sentence, NOTHING COULD BE BETTER. l am now 83 years old, a retired professor who taught and researched in Liverpool University Cambridge and later in the Indian Institute of Science all his professional life and have come across many in India and abroad. I was referred to Dr. Chirag by a friend and was impressed by the ambience of the place, the reassuring courtesy of Yasmin all through, and the professional skill of Dr. Chirag and his team. I am all right after the knee surgery and have been walking around as I did earlier before I had the knee problem. In brief, if anyone seeks my suggestion, I shall always recommend Dr. Chirag.

Dr Chirag is a master at his craft. He listens with patience and you feel reassured right from the 1st consultation. He is spot on with his advice and exhibits genuine care

He takes care you right from.the insurance process to hospital admission, getting you the right room and post discharge care. His office keeps track of every movement . More than the hospital, it was his office that bailed us out when the hospital service was inept and deficient.

Also, he does not overcharge, more importantly, he has the mids touch on surgeries. I would advice potential patients to just submit themselves to his care. May God bless him.

My husband underwent an ankle surgery and he was operated by Dr. Chirag. Post visiting many renowned doctors across multiple hospitals, Dr. Chirag gave us the much required confidence to go ahead with this surgery. He went above and beyond to assist us right from insurance, to pre and post operative procedures. Despite his hectic schedules he has always been informative, gives ample time and has been very approachable to listen to our health concerns. He took utmost care personally every time we visited him for consultation. Extremely satisfied with post operative results and we are forever thankful and indebted to him!

I really like the approach the doctor took in explaining the procedure for ACL reconstruction surgery. He explained the procedures itself, post operation what are the timeline for each step of recovery process. How long it will take for each step of the Physio Therapy.

Extremely happy with the procedure itself and post operation have been able to reach each milestone as expected and timeline provided

Hope to make a full recovery and get back to an active lifestyle like before

Thanks Dr. Chirag

Hello.. When I injured my knee ligament my life took a toss and I saw things moving out of my hands yet I couldn't help but just see. I basically have had an athleteic personality throughout my life but the last one year and unless I had my surgery done the scenario was completely different. The only changing statement seemed to me was a surgery but the fear always remained to get into the right and experienced hands. Nevertheless I had heard a lot about Dr Chirag and he was beyond my expectations . He not only has an admiring personality but also has this charming personality and a humbleness towards his profession. I don't think I could get into much safer hands. Thanking you .

Dr Chirag came highly recommended after a cyclist friend that had his ACL reconstruction done few months before; made a super come back to the cycle racing scene. I consulted Dr in 2016 for a torn right knee ACL from a motorcycle crash 4 years ago, surgery was performed as a last resort option considering my willingness to return to full body contact sports at active level. Dr Chirag coordinated prehab, surgery and post operative rehab / physiotherapy with utmost care considering my active sporting lifestyle. It was critical that I follow the routine diligently and glad I did... A year after surgery I was back to playing amateur football and competitive cycling without any pain or buckling of knee. Dr added to the physiotherapy routine more strengthening and power workouts during subsequent follow up visits and I since lost 10+ KGs mostly in body fat. Thanks to Dr Chirag and his efficient team of physiotherapists, I have now surpassed my pre surgery fitness levels and find myself racing for LBB Racing Team in elite category. Thanks much Sir.

I had a knee injury. This happened to me abroad. We consulted orthopedic surgeons and they suggested pain killers for 4 days. But still, I wasn't able to walk. After that Doctor suggested to use crutches and knee braces for 3-4 weeks and later go for an MRI and based on result go for Physiotherapy. It was almost 2 months I was on crutches and I didn't notice improvement and came to India where my uncle referred Dr. Chirag. He analyzed the case and suggested me to go for an Arthroscopy MPFL Reconstruction and physiotherapy pre and post surgery. I wasn't prepared for the surgery. He gave enough confidence to go for it. He even helped in the insurance process. I had surgery 7 months ago. I followed all his instructions. Whenever I had clarification, I used to ask him over Whatsapp. I'm happy with post-surgery results.

He is professional, friendly, approachable, and goes the extra mile. He answers all our queries with lots of patience.

Even for physiotherapy, he takes extra care and makes sure his patient is getting the right treatment.

Extremely satisfied with consultation and post-surgery results.

Forever I'm thankful to Dr.Chirag.

Dr. Chirag explained the entire process of the surgery, showed me all the foreign objects that he would need for the ACL reconstruction microscopic surgery, walked me through the recovery time and even explained that the incisions would not be more wide than the back of a pen.

He is experienced with acl reconstructions and it shows.

Even for physiotherapy, he takes extra care and makes sure his patient is getting the right treatment.

Extremely satisfied with consultation and post-surgery results.

Forever I'm thankful to Dr.Chirag.

I was told to start walking the day after the surgery.

He made my cashless claim process easy by finding the hospital that offered cashless claim by my policy. All i had to share were my policy details and his people took care of the rest.

Even post surgery he has been very helpful in clearing any doubts. He encourages you to keep him updated. His confidence rubbed off on me and I was able to take walks as long as 90 mins within the first week of surgery. I met with other doctors but no one took the time to explain the procedure and time of recovery to go back into specific activities. Also the fact that I didn’t have to go through insurance agents was a huge plus. All I did was show up to the hospital.

I was fortunate to be treated by Dr.Chirag Thonse, Orthopaedic surgeon and consultant at Fortis hospital, Cunningham road, Bangalore. I had a very old fracture on my knee which was not set and as a result I had a weak knee and developed osteoarthritis. I was not able to have knee replacement without the damage to the knee being repaired. It was after a long search that I met Dr.Chirag Thonse. He very confidently agreed to do the reconstruction. After the old fracture was set right, I had knee replacement of both the knees. As a result I am pain free and have mobility of both the knees. I admire Dr.Chirag’s expertise, patience and professionalism. I wish him all the best to treat many more patients so that they get solace and succour.

I am a parent, I took my son who had a shoulder slap tear and had to go for surgery, you know the parents are all more worried about their children, one of my friend owais took me personally along with my son to dr.chirag s clinic where Dr. Chirag explained us how good it can be done.

He explained the real facts about the injury and the way he examined my son and asked him questions related to the injury was satisfying, and it was my turn to have many questions including the expenses for the surgery, I will first thank Almighty and then my friend owais and Asim who asked me to contact owais to take an appointment with Dr chirag.i will recommend any time dr.chirag to any person who wants the treatment with orthopedic and one last thing every body should know is the meaning of CHIRAG. IN HINDI IT IS LIGHT, and that s what Dr. Chirag is giving to it's patient's Light of hope Thank you for reading this

After having several years of experience interacting with various types of doctors,i was pleasantly surprised to find a totally different attitude and professionalism with Dr Chirag Thonse.

I had gone to see him for my knee pain on the referral of my friend,I was asked to get an MRI done to get an indepth idea.However i consulted a senior orthopedic doctor for a second opinion and he too confirmed that MRI was the only way out to find the actual cause of the pain.

Then i followed Dr Chirag's advice with physiotherapy along with the medication.

It has been a year and now am off medication and totally free of pain.

Thank you Dr Chirag for the timely help and your expert advice and treatment.

Met with a bike accident and injured my knee. After MRI noticed ACL full tear. Met best doctors in Bangalore but I didn't get enough confidence to go for a surgery. My physiotherapist suggested Dr.Chirag He is very different from any other doctors. I felt, met the right Surgery at Apollo Spectra went well, the very next day I got discharged within a week I started walking without any support. I completely recovered back to normal within 3 months. It was incredible. My PT surprised to see me recovered within such a short period. All because of him. I am very thankful to him. His way of approach to patients is different. He is reachable on the personal phone. He gives reply whenever he is free in WhatsApp to our queries. He just takes the responsibility of the patient and gives the best. He also takes care of the insurance process too.

I would recommend him

I visited Dr Chirag after hearing his reputation from my friends. When I met him at Fortis and explained the incident about the ACL, he quickly verified and advised me to undergo ACL reconstruction, as my ACL was completely ruptured and also there was minute tear in my meniscus too. I did not delay the process, and went through the surgery. It has been over 2 weeks now and I'm super happy with the response and already undergoing physio to strengthen my knee. Dr Chirag is an excellent orthopedic and I would highly recommend him for an of my friends and colleagues suffering from ACL conditions.

Two months after my undergoing my ACL reconstruction procedure, I'm back on my feet and feel confident and recovering rather really well. Never went on crutches, able to walk around normal. All thanks to Dr Chirag, he takes the time to listen, to explain and walked me through the entire procedure in detail.

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