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About Dr Chirag Thonse

Dr Chirag is a specialist in Joint Replacement surgeries, Sports injury & Arthroscopy. Dr Chirag Thonse has performed over 7000 orthopaedic surgeries to date. The majority being Joint Replacement surgeries, Arthroscopy & Ligament reconstruction.



Surgical Procedures and Outpatient Consultation

From Monday to Saturday, we are performing an average of 70 – 85 surgeries in a month. The majority are shoulder and knee arthroscopy surgeries, ligament reconstruction surgeries, and primary and revision joint replacement surgeries of the knee, hip and shoulder. Dr Chirag Thonse also attends outpatient consultations every day with an average of 45-50 patients daily. A competent team supports Dr Thonse in his clinical practice which involves 2 associate doctors (Fellows), qualified medical and paramedical staff and patient coordinators, who ensure the best care for our patients.

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Dr Chirag Thonse

Dr. Chirag Thonse is a senior specialist surgeon in shoulder and knee surgeries. Dr Chirag has an experience of 14 years, and he specializes in Sports Injury, Arthroscopy and Joint Replacement Surgeries. Dr Chirag has performed over 7,000 surgeries (4000 Arthroscopic ACL surgeries and 2000 joint replacement surgeries), the majority being Arthroscopy, Ligament Reconstruction and Joint Replacement surgeries. Dr Chirag is committed to providing quality and patient-centric excellence in Orthopaedic care to manage a wide spectrum of sports-related injuries and other Orthopaedic conditions for his patients. He emphasizes an evidence-based approach and provides personalized and patient-centred treatments.

Dr Chirag has been actively involved in teaching and training programs and also conducts domestic and international training in Shoulder and knee arthroscopy. He is a core committee member of the Indian Orthopaedic research group and is frequently invited as a faculty at various state and national Arthroscopy conferences.

Dr Chirag successfully runs Fellowship programs under him in Arthroscopy and Sports medicine with 2 trainees at a given time.

Dr Chirag Thonse has been a faculty for over 200 conferences and delivered over 300 lectures.

  • Has been a cadaveric course instructor for over 40 courses, and has performed seven surgical live demonstration surgeries.

  • He runs a fellowship programme under his guidance in Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine.

  • He has vast experience in treating and operating on many elite sportsmen with various ligament injuries.

  • Dr. Chirag has been actively involved in teaching & training programs and conducts domestic & international training in Shoulder & Knee surgeries.

  • He is a Governing Council Member of the Indian Arthroscopy Society (2021-2023) and a core committee member of the Indian Orthopaedic Research Group.

  • He was previously an Executive Committee member of the Karnataka Arthroscopic Society and an Executive committee member of the Bangalore Arthroscopy Club.

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  • M.S (Orthopedics) – Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore

  • Fellow- Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty, Pune

  • Fellow- Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine, Klinikum Neumarkt, Germany

  • Fellow- Shoulder Surgery, Bad Neustadt Shoulder Center, Germany

  • Fellow- Arthroplasty and Sports Medicine, Orthopaedic Clinic, Sydney, Australia

  • Fellow- Shoulder Surgery, Funabashi Orthopaedic Hospital, Japan

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