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Since my childhood, I have been hearing that doctors are the human forms of God on earth. No doubt, found Him in Dr.Chirag.

I met with an accident that led to grade-3 ACL tear and causing instability in my left knee. I went around few orthopaedic doctors, but could not make the connect and boost my inside confidence to hand over my knee to them. Through word-of-mouth, I came to know about Dr.Chirag and consulted him. I did let him know that how much eagerly I want to go back to my playing cricket time, swimming and jogging. With a pat on my back, he consoled me saying, “In 3 months, you will run”. That is the confidence I was seeking. He boosted my morale. In addition, he educated me enough to where I felt I was making an informed decision versus just being told what to do. I then knew I was in good hands when I decided for an ACL surgery on my left knee by Dr.Chirag. I underwent the surgery. By the end of 3rd day post surgery, I started walking without walker or crutches. Gradually, under his supervision and the physiotherapist’s guidance, I started jogging well before 3 months.

He is an excellent doctor with immense hands-on knowledge. His regular post-surgery reviews helped me to the extent that I got myself fitter than ever before. His dedication towards his patients is second to none. I am ever grateful to Dr.Chirag and I believe he is one of the best doctors in his field.

Kumar S


Digital Solutions Manager

Dr. Chirag is extremely knowledgeable in ACL injuries, his confidence boosted my confidence as I was contemplating whether to go for surgery or not. Once I understood that I'm in safe and best doctor's hands, I went ahead with the surgery and completely recovered now. 

After my initial consultation, went back to him with close to 10 questions he patiently answered all my questions without any hesitation which shows how much he cares and listens to patients.

After surgery as well, he is very approachable. Consultation fees are very very reasonable and does not recommend unwanted medicines. Highly recommend him. Bangalore city should be lucky to have such highly knowledgeable doctor for sports injuries as he trains other doctors all over India. Not to forget, he has very good support staff and physiotherapy teams, specifically like to mention Yasmeen who really cares, follows up continuously and helps you out with insurance and scheduling doctor appointments after surgery.

I'm Abhishek Kare from Durg, Chattisgarh. I'm professional cricket player. I had an injury in my right shoulder. Dr Chirag did my slap tear repair in 2017 & I'm absolutely fine after that. Dr Chirag an expert and an enthusiastic doctor, he is very humble. He was beyond expectations. Best sports injury doctor, god gifted hands. Highly recommend

As a person keenly interested in sports, I had injured my knee playing football. The initial diagnosis however was poor resulting in inadequate treatment and rest. I quickly realized that it was far worst than first time. I had completely torn my anterior cruciate ligament. The only cure was the constructive surgery of the ACL. After some online research, I was extremely apprehensive of the procedure.

But, when I met doctor Chirag, those misgivings were put aside. He exuded such calm and positivity, that it left me feeling confident my knee would be as good as new. And true to his words, the surgery was a breeze (at least from my side of the screen). You could tell that Dr. Chirag has a ton of experience. He and his team ensured that i was comfortable through out the operation and even let me watch on screen the attachment of, what would be, my new ACL.

Abhishek Kare

Rufus Rodriguez



Aishwarya Ramakrishna

Dr Chirag has been a spectacular doctor when my mother met with an accident and had a bony bankart lesion; the fear was that she might not have complete mobility in her arm ever again. Dr Chirag, however, was the answer to all our prayers. He is an expert, and it was very evident when he explained what had happened to us, the surgery was smooth, and in no time, my mother gained complete motility in her arm. It's always good to have an excellent and skilled doctor, but Dr Chirag is more than that, he is very professional, through and has excellent bed side manner. It can be really hard when a loved one is undergoing surgery, but Dr Chirag has a calming presence that puts his patients and their families at ease. Thank you, Dr Chirag, for helping the light of my life!


Dr Chirag Thonse is an amazing and talented orthopaedic specialist. He is a knowledgeable patient caring, understanding and most importantly, honest. He knows bones and keeps parents n patients informed of everything at All stages of the surgery. As I had dislocated my
knee cap twice in a year,l tore my MPFL, and there was a patella Alta. I was very nervous for the long process of surgery and recovery, but Dr
Chirag was helpful and informative. My surgery went smoothly, and the recovery went according to plan.
I have complete confidence in Dr Chirag Thonse and would recommend him to any one. Thank you

This is a seven-year-old story :) I discovered that I had to undergo surgery for my ACL, thanks to Dr Chirag. At that time, I already had a good orthopaedic doctor that I was consulting with, so I was apprehensive about what Dr Chirag suggested. And Dr Chirag.. he was such a young doctor.. he still is! I wasn't sure, initially. But then I saw how sure Dr Chirag was with his diagnosis. He made sure that I felt safe with the hospital I was going to undergo my surgery - I visited them n my insurance would be accepted. And thanks to the wonderful team of the anesthesiologist, Dr Chirag and others, the surgery was over in a jiffy! And on the third day I was already in my kitchen, cooking my favourite food. Ever since, followed by proper physiotherapy, I am able to walk, run, exercise and have a normal knee. No howling wind in my knee, no 24/7 pain or reminder that my left knee has a problem..certainly no stack of pillows to rest my knee while sleeping.
Thanks Dr Chirag A. you have been and continue to be a blessing for me:)))

Poonam Sharma


Mrs Iyengar


Testimonial | Dr Chirag Thonse | Orthopaedic

Gauri Barve Kale


I was referred to Dr Chirag for an ACL revision surgery after I had a fall and ripped my previous ACL graft. The first visit itself was quite reassuring and removed any fear of going through the procedure again. Dr Chirag was able to explain precisely and simply what the process will be. The surgery went smoothly, and throughout the procedure, he would check on my well being. He also kept me informed and showed me on the screen when an additional stitch had to be made to repair my meniscus during the surgery. The other thing that made it a pleasant experience was that he has a great team of assistants, junior doctors and staff that ensure the same care right from booking an appointment to post-op care. Highly recommend him.


Dr Chirag. Young, Energetic Competent and a compassionate Orthopaedic surgeon. He has a lovely sense of humour. He examines
his patients with dignity, Listens to them. Communicates with patients and their carers in a simple and a scientific Manor. He did left knee replacement on my wife, and she is fine. I strongly recommend all my patients and friends having any orthopaedic problems to Dr Chirag.
I wish him and his team all the best always.

I'm a Right-arm Fast Bowler playing as a State level Cricket; I got ACL and Meniscus Injury as I wanted to get back to the field as soon as possible. I'm very thankful to Dr Chirag as he explained to me the entire process of the surgery,  that he would need for the ACL reconstruction surgery. In Jan 4, 2020 surgery was successful, and finally, after 11 Months I'm on the ground now. Playing now with more confidence and efficiency. Always thanks to Dr. Chirag and his entire team for all the supports.

Dr M. N.Sundareshan. 

Anurag Prateek 


Testimonial | Dr Chirag Thonse | Orthopaedic

Manju Kiran  


Head Strength and conditioning coach at the institute of jiu Jitsu


By far one of the best doctors I have ever come across.
I am an MMA athlete who had a meniscus tear. I had met a couple of doctors before I met him, but no one gave me the confidence or made or the understanding my eagerness to get back to my sport. He assured me that my surgery was going to go well. It has been 3 years since my surgery, and I’m back into competing in MMA with a healthy knee. Thanks to Dr Chirag for enabling me to follow my dreams.

I would like to thank Dr Chirag under whom my mother underwent knee replacement surgery. His treatment & the way he treats his patients is a step ahead from others, he is a person with time & patience for his patients. He is a phenomenal doctor. If anyone asks me for an orthopaedic surgeon I would surely refer Dr Chirag without a second thought. Thanks to him.

Jiu-jitsu a practitioner - nationals

I had come to Dr Chirag for a casual check (not Knowing the seriousness) after I had my left shoulder dislocated .. not only did he accurately assess the injuries on the initial look .. he also had a very calm and collected approach to explain them to me .. I acted upon his suggestion for the MRI where my doubts were clear that I needed the surgery .. the surgery went very smooth and the post-ops consultation for regular check-ups with regular physio really helped .. I’m able to function the left arm and shoulder at the same efficiency as before... 
I also recommended Dr Chirag to two other friends who are equally happy with the treatment

Sushma Singh

Mr Zain 

Mattikere, Bangalore.


Jockey Srinath. Y.S

Bangalore Turf Club


As a professional horse race jockey since 94'. I've had my fair share of injuries. A couple of years ago I had a serious fall in a race resulting in my shoulder dislocating with a tear of the labrum and rotator cuff injury. Dr Chirag Thonse successfully operated the shoulder and helped greatly in understanding my scope of injury pro and post-surgery. With ample physiotherapy, I was racing fit in a short span of 5 months. I gladly recommend him as he is one of the best in his profession.

 A very good doctor for sports-specific injuries . He got me back to playing games in a year after performing my acl surgery
 St Joseph's College of Commerce hockey team

Associate Software Engineer,

Rakuten India

I consulted with Dr Chirag after repeated dislocations of my left shoulder. Being a sports enthusiast, besides a software engineer, I wanted to get back to the prime of my health and went in for the surgery as he suggested. A very professional and organised process followed my green flag for the surgery. He even assisted in finding a good physiotherapist. Thanks to the collective efforts, I'm confident about my physical condition today! Cheers and the good luck to Dr Chirag on his future endeavours

St Joseph's College of Commerce


Ganesh N Sharma

Hockey team





Dr. Chirag Thonse is an absolute magician! The true magic in his hands and I can say it by my firsthand experience

My ACL reconstruction was due for almost 3 years and what I did during this time was researched and tried all possible means to have my ligament back to avoid an operation.
Now with the numerous videos on YouTube about ACL repair/reconstruction of which few are motivating by a step and few demotivating back by several steps, to sum upon the outcome of the research that I did, I was confused and afraid of surgery and hence the reason to the delay.

Well, I must admit that I have consulted many doctors and have no count of the number of MRIs that I have taken in an expectation to see if my ligament has improved over time. Dr. Chirag Thonse was one such doctor whom I met and with the discussion on the approach and the confidence he gave me I was convinced, at that point, I felt I need to get the reconstruction procedure done right away then and there.

It was in March 2020 that I consulted Dr. Chirag and in April 2020 I underwent the surgery, mind you; it was the lockdown and yes he operated on my ACL with the pandemic around. On the experiences from the blogs and videos that I had I was certain of the post-operation pain and was nervous beyond normal.

The day of operation was no less than a thriller with my heart pounding hard and all the prep-up going on for the procedure. Finally, I was at the operation theatre witnessing the entire procedure on the TV/monitor while Dr. Chirag and the team were in action. After the operation, I was under care for almost 2 hours and later shifted to my ward. All that I was waiting and prepared for was the post-op pain, the night of the operation I experienced it but not to the extent that I had read and watched. I thought probably it is the anesthesia and the pain management doses keeping me away from pain. The next day morning I was made to walk, yes you heard it was the very next day and it was indeed surprising that I was doing absolutely fine and walked quite a distance with the Physio’s support (never expected this at all). Only disappointment was that there was no pain at all that day, all my expectation was in vain J

I got discharged on the second day. After a week I called up Dr. Chirag and expressed the expectation that I had and I asked “Doctor, how can there be no paint at all?” He smiled and said, “that’s why people get their ACL surgery done with me”

I must also stress the fact that Dr. Chirag leaves no stone unturned in terms of taking care of his patients, I have been in touch with him for 8 months now, I am able to jog, jump, and squat. I am really blessed and fortunate to have the ACL surgery done by him.
He guides you at every step on the journey to progress and the upcoming milestones, to top it all his patients are that of a Saint for the number of patients he has and he operates on a day-to-day basis.

With all this said this is why he is extraordinary and the reason I call him a Magician.

Thank you Doctor for what you have done, I will remain thankful to you forever.


God cannot be everywhere so he sends good Doctors.

Dr.Chirag & his team are very professional and friendly. He is the best Orthopedic Surgeon and I highly recommend him he is very calm and amazing and his assistant Yasmin takes care of all the procedures so well. I got to know about Dr. Chirag from one of my friends who is a celebrity. Then I took an appointment and visited “The Orthopedic Clinic” in Kothanur he addressed my concern and explained the issue in detail. I had an ongoing leg issue and was facing knee stiffness post recovery from fracture. I had met with an accident 2 years back I was consulting other doctors initially but I couldn’t get good results and it turned out to be more complex that is when I started searching for the best doctor and finally, I found one, 2 and half months back then doctor suggested me for knee surgery. I got admitted to Manipal hospital (previously Vikram hospital) and got right knee arthroscopy arthrosis with right quadriceps v-y plasty done. Dr.Chirag referred me to the best physiotherapist and I m doing my physiotherapy; there is a very good improvement in me and I m doing better now.  I consider myself very lucky to have been operated by lucky hands. Thanks to Dr. Chirag Narayan Thonse for treating me so well.


Good luck

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