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Fellowship Program

In Arthroscopy and Sports Surgeries

Practice the art of orthopaedics 

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Fellowship Program

Extremely passionate about imparting his surgical knowledge Dr Chirag Thonse successfully runs a fellowship programme (ISAKOS Approved) under his guidance in arthroscopy and sports surgeries. Three candidates at a given point of time for 6 months. The programme is supported by Manipal hospital (previously Vikram hospital) and Arthrex education. During this tenure, the fellows get an opportunity to assist and learn various surgical procedures of the shoulder and knee and attend outpatient assessments. They would also be involved in research and presentations.

Fellowship Program | Dr Chirag Thonse & student | The Orthopaedic Clinic | Bangalore

My mentor, guide, and inspiration Dr. Chirag Thonse is by far the best arthroscopic surgeon in the country. His understanding of the subject of Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty is unparalleled. The way he makes difficult surgeries look easier for his fellows is an art to learn. No praise is enough to describe the influence sir has had on all those privileged to have learned from him. The legend has made his mark and we as his fellows will continue his legacy.

Dr. Jinash T P

MBBS MS Orthopaedic

Consultant Arthroscopic surgeon 

Kannur, Kerala 

Thank you so much, sir, for doing a great job for us. You’ve always been successful to keep our spirits up. 

You’re such a delightful person and a dedicated surgeon, you truly are an inspiration! I have learned the importance of hard work and dedication to one's job. You have been an inspiration each day with your never-ending energy and compassionate patient care. My teacher was the best,  He trained me and made me an Arthroscopic surgeon. Thank you once again for showing me so much care and concern and for all the support and care you provided!!!!


Dr. Shreyas

Working as a fellow under the guidance of Dr. Chirag Thonse was a wonderful experience. Apart from being an excellent surgeon, he is a very friendly guide. A truly admirable personality, passionate about orthopaedics and patient care. I would always look up to him as a role model.


Dr. Akshay Dudhanale


Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for everything that you taught me. You have shared all of your knowledge and wisdom and never said no. Let it be counselling patients or preop planning, you have let me be a part throughout. You have pushed us to be surgically and academically sound and thoughtful. It was an amazing experience and I am sure to have a lifelong connect with you. 

Dr. Krunal Soni


Hard work puts you where greatness can find you. Sincere thanks to @chiragthonse for his incessant zeal, constant guidance, and infinite patience. It has been an honor working with you sir! Will always be grateful for being treated as a family. Hope I can make you proud someday sir. Last but not least cannot thank the team enough for their dedicated effort and wholehearted support.


Dr. Sumanth M Nayak


Working under Dr. Chirag Thonse Sir was a wonderful experience. The training that I had under him has been a life-changing moment. His understanding of the subject of arthroscopy and arthroplasty is unparalleled. He is truly a gifted surgeon and a master of his art. He is truly an admirable personality and a source of inspiration. Training under him was a very big honor for me.

Thank you Sir


Dr.Rachit Mehta


I would, first of all, thank Dr. Chirag Thonse sir for providing this fellowship opportunity. Excellent fellowship with sufficient and quality cases in terms of both arthroscopy and arthroplasty. Allowing to interact with patients in his private clinics was one of the best parts of this fellowship. Friendly guide and family-like supporting staff. One would definitely miss their fellowship days once the course is done. Highly recommended for anyone interested in arthroscopy and arthroplasty fellowships.

Dr.Guru Prasad

First of all, I would like to thank Dr Chirag sir and the team for a conducive and hospitable environment to learn. Being from Nepal and charting into the unknown place of work, you have ignited the passion for work and becoming a hardworking and sinceresurgeon as well.For us beginners, learning from the basics of Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty,I had a great opportunity to be up-to-date on new skills in this profession. I got so much value. I even had an opportunity to be part of the First BAC(Bangalore Arthroscopy Course-2022) ,which was a different part of learning, thank you sir and the team for the patience and hard work you put in me to make me a better surgeon.

Dr. Mohit Thapa Magar



Respected sir,

Truly inspired by your dedication, hardwork and amount of time that you will spend for patient care. Assisting and learning from you during surgeries was a wonderful experience. The sufficient number of surgical cases both in terms of arthroscopy and arthroplasty, your surgical expertise and good number of outpatients at clinics are truly the best part of this fellowship programme. Another important skill that I learnt is about counseling and communication with patients. Thank you Dr Chirag Thonse sir and the entire staff of The Orthopaedic Clinic for supporting me throughout this wonderful journey.

Dr. Sukruth A Patel



Sir, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your invaluable guidance and mentorship during my journey in arthroplasty and arthroscopy fellowship. Your expertise, patience, and dedication have played a pivotal role in shaping my surgical skills . Your willingness to share your wealth of knowledge, provide constructive feedback, and offer practical insights have not only enhanced my technical proficiency but have also inspired me to strive for excellence in patient care. Your mentorship will be instrumental in my professional growth, and I am truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from someone as accomplished as you. Thank you once again for your unwavering support and mentorship. I look forward to continuing to apply the valuable lessons learned under your guidance as I progress in my career.

Dr. Akshay Shetty T


Dear sir , I am blessed to have you as my mentor and guide , thanks for brushing your knowledge to youngsters like us and make ourselves believe that with constant hardwork, conviction and perseverance nothing is impossible . Looking forward for a lifelong connection with you…. Thanks for everything

Dr. Aditya H Kumar


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