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Shoulder replacement surgery | The Orthopaedic Clinic | Bangalore


Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder replacement surgery is an orthopaedic procedure that relieves you from joint pain. Similar to the knees, shoulders also helps us in a wide variety of motions. Surgery might be required arthritis or the fracture is severe.
It is a highly successful procedure that helps in reducing joint pain and restoring mobility. The orthopaedic surgeon replaces the natural bone in the shoulder joint with metal or plastic. Post-surgery, patients undergo physical therapy for several weeks.

Shoulder Replacement


Revision Shoulder Replacement 2.png

Revision Shoulder Replacement

Brushing your hair, getting dressed, carrying groceries, sleeping through the night - these are just a few of the life basics that can be difficult without full use of your shoulder.


Partial Shoulder Replacement

Partial shoulder replacement, also called shoulder hemiarthroplasty is a surgical procedure during which the upper bone in the arm (humerus) is replaced with a prosthetic metal implant, whereas the other half of the shoulder joint (glenoid or socket) is left intact.

Total Shoulder Replacement.png

Total Shoulder Replacement

In a total shoulder, the ball's arthritic surface is replaced with a metal ball with a stem that is press-fit in the inside of the arm bone (humerus) and the socket is resurfaced with a high-density polyethene component.

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