“Committed to provide quality
care to every patient”

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“Committed to provide quality
care to every patient”

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“Committed to provide quality
care to every patient”

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I want to share the happiness and gratification I continue to experience as a patient of Dr. Chirag Thonse for almost 5 years. I am a National Coach for India’s Karate Team and a Fitness Trainer too. I have recommended Dr. Chirag to some of my high profile clients and they have highly appreciated his service as he is always to the point and instills confidence in the patient. He is knowledgeable, professional, compassionate and an excellent surgeon. It’s been 3 years now since my ACL tear surgery was done by him and I was back in full swing and training in just a few months. I feel better and stronger than ever. He is an exceptional orthopedic surgeon with a vast experience.

- Dr.MG Prasad

Hello.. When I injured my knee ligament my life took a toss and I saw things moving out of my hands yet I couldn't help but just see. I basically have had an athletic personality throughout my life but the last one year and unless I had my surgery done the scenario was completely different. The only changing statement seemed to me was a surgery but the fear always remained to get into the right and experienced hands. Nevertheless I had heard a lot about Dr Chirag and he was beyond my expectations . He not only has an admiring personality but also has this charming personality and a humbleness towards his profession. I don't think I could get into much safer hands. Thanking you.

- Mohammed Faizen

I really owe my fitness and my mental strength to the doctor whose name is Chirag. I met him in March 2016 and I was struggling with a grade +4 Knee injury. My ACL was gone and Meniscus too. I was not able to even for few meters. April 2016 I underwent a surgery. I was living alone in Bengaluru. He guided me not just for the surgery but he gave me the kind of mental strength. Today it's been around 4 years and that phase is gone. I am fit and fine again and started running. Lost around 9 kgs of weight which I gained due to my injury. He was just a call away and even today when I am sitting in Delhi, he is always there to guide me. I always suggest his name to my friend who needs some medical consultations. I can say that he is one of the best doctors I have come across along with being a good human.

- Sanjay Kumar

I am not quite sure as to what I am expected to recount, but if it is about my experience about the knee replacement surgery, let me say this in a simple sentence, NOTHING COULD BE BETTER. l am now 83 years old, a retired professor who taught and researched in Liverpool University Cambridge and later in the Indian Institute of Science all his professional life and have come across many in India and abroad. I was referred to Dr. Chirag by a friend and was impressed by the ambience of the place, the reassuring courtesy of Yasmin all through, and the professional skill of Dr. Chirag and his team. I am all right after the knee surgery and have been walking around as I did earlier before I had the knee problem. In brief, if anyone seeks my suggestion, I shall always recommend Dr. Chirag.

- Ramesh AK

I had a knee injury. This happened to me abroad. We consulted orthopedic surgeons and they suggested pain killers for 4 days. But still, I wasn't able to walk. After that Doctor suggested to use crutches and knee braces for 3-4 weeks and later go for an MRI and based on result go for Physiotherapy. It was almost 2 months I was on crutches and I didn't notice improvement and came to India where my uncle referred Dr. Chirag. He analyzed the case and suggested me to go for an Arthroscopy MPFL Reconstruction and physiotherapy pre and post surgery. I wasn't prepared for the surgery. He gave enough confidence to go for it. He even helped in the insurance process. I had surgery 7 months ago. I followed all his instructions. Whenever I had clarification, I used to ask him over Whatsapp. I'm happy with post-surgery results.

- Shridevi

Dr.Chirag Thonse is the most calm, caring, talented, kind and approachable doctor I’ve met. I underwent revision surgery for an ACL graft tear and I consider myself very lucky to have been operated by the experienced hands of Dr.Chirag Thonse. And doctor also takes time in teaching strengthening exercises and makes sure his patients get a proper rehab during the time of recovery. I am thankful for his care and concern. I strongly recommend Dr.Chirag Thonse, the best orthopedic surgeon and the master in Arthroscopic surgeries. I feel there are no words to express my deep felt thanks and gratitude to you Dr.Chirag sir…

- Dr.Chitra

I had gone for ACL Surgery 2 months back. and I am absolutely fine. I had got operated in left leg but today I don’t find any difference between my right leg and left leg. I am back with my daily routine, I can play my sports again. I am thankful to Dr.Chirag Thonse and may god bless him with lot of prosperity and good health.

- R Kiran, International Kabaddi Player

Visited For ACL Reconstruction Meniscus Injury. Dr. Chirag is a very confident doctor. He explained to us the problem in detail and gave us the best solution. He also sketched out a recovery chart, once the surgery will be done, which gave us a clear picture of the time required for recovery. Once the surgery was done, he did a review once a week to see the progress closely. Over all the experience has been great.

- Ragini

I had met with an accident in 2017 Jan and had had to digest the fact that no more of the sport running but that’s when doctor Chirag gave me the hope and strength that I can get back to running normal . Yes I am really grateful for his support and experience for treating ACL surgery. God bless him and I strongly recommend him to any sportsman who needs to be back after an injury.  

- Rahul

Dr. Chirag is an amazing doctor I have ever seen, From the time we met him for the knee issue and till the end of the treatment he was really very supportive and cares a lot about the patients. And when we go for the follow ups also he treats them with the same care. He is approachable at any time.. Thank you so much sir..  

- Santosh

Dr Chirag Thonse (MS – Orthopaedics) Has operated over 4500 orthopaedic surgeries

He is currently practicing at the Orthopaedics clinic; he is also the Chief orthopaedics surgeon at Vikram Hospital, Millers Road

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A professionally skilled and competent team

This consists of two associate doctors (Fellows). Medical team comprising of Physicians, Anesthetists, Emergency medicine and pain management team...

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